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Successful people quickly realise that there are only two ways to become a success in life.

• By trial and error - lengthy and often costly.

• By mirroring the actions of successful people in their chosen field of endeavour.

Being a property entrepreneur I chose and continue to choose to 'mirror' the actions of those successful people in my chosen field of endeavour Property Investment and Property Development.

You are not going to unleash your greatness and reach your financial goals if you don't regularly stretch yourself.

Think of anyone who has been remotely successful in life Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, Clint Eastwood, Warren Buffet immediately come to mind and each of them has stretched themselves extensively, they took risks and they had the courage to persevere. Each incidentally has had a mentor to guide them along that path to success.

Richard Branson's mentor was Sir Freddie Laker, owner of Laker Airways.

Tiger Wood's mentor was Earl Woods, his father.

Clint Eastwood's mentor was James Garner, the actor.

Warren Buffet's mentor was Benjamin Graham, the financial analyst.

"Very few people achieve great success without personal mentors" Mark Victor Hansen

Well who mentored me?

Well the first real mentor for me was Jan Somers the author of Building Wealth through Property Investment. I picked up this book whilst on holiday in Australia in 1993. I have not yet had the opportunity of meeting Jan and thanking her personally but her book and the lessons contained therein inspire me to the present day.

Since first discovering Jan's book I have had many mentors who have effectively provided me with a shortcut to success.

I am often asked the question in property training seminars - how would I select a property mentor.

Well if I was to pick a property mentor I would consider the following to be the essential 5 points that I would consider before engagement.

• Mentor has active not passive involvement in the property businesses and is using those strategies they are promoting actively. You want a 'doer' not someone who theorises about it.

• Someone with lengthy experience at least 10 years so that they have encountered different market conditions and the differing funding opportunities and restrictions that accompany those varied market conditions.

• Paramount importance I believe is that the mentor is a person of integrity and has demonstrable congruence in all their dealings not just property related.

• I would seek out recommendations and testimonials for the mentor. Where the mentor is of proven quality they will only be too delighted to provide these for your consideration.

• Finally I personally would never engage a mentor with property to sell me - there is always a potential conflict of interest there - so personally I would always avoid.

Get on the fast track to success and get a property mentor.

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Debra J Rice is an extremely successful Property Investor and Property Developer. A former nurse Debra has mentored people throughout the UK in all aspects of Property Investment. Debra is the Author of HMOs The Cash Generators. Debra's goal is to facilitate financial freedom for others through motivation and education.

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Choosing a Property Mentor

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This article was published on 2010/03/30