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Some people running online businesses are actually making money. Most are making very little, if any at all. A few are making multi-millions. So what's the difference between them? A successful multi-millionaire online mentor can show you step by step and stop the struggle of trial and error that both disheartens and adds to your debt.

But where do you find such mentors? And where do you find such a mentor who has the time for you?

The good news is that there are a couple of hugely successful mentors who make themselves available through their company set-ups. There are some who charge massively for this. There are some who charge reasonable fees. There are even some who give away plenty of decent advice.

But the mentor I prefer is the mentor who can show you step by step how to build the successful business you want in order to make the kind of money you know you deserve.

There are a few who do this, they don't cost the earth, and they over-deliver on a consistent basis.

Some of my favorites don't just offer money making lessons, they have a wider remit and global goals. However, it's important to stay with our focus so, apart from the obvious geniuses such as Bob Proctor, Donald Trump, Joe Vitale, Harry Browne, Jim Edwards and virtually anyone at Nightingale-Conant, who else is there?

The film, 'The Secret' points to some. If you Google some of these stars they also have links to other brilliant mentors in a variety of fields on and offline. It's important that you find a 'step-by-step' system if you're nervous about developing an online business. Most of these people have made the mistakes you want to avoid and their systems get you up and running quickly, building your confidence in short order. Following a step-by-step system in your favorite medium, text, audio, video or a mixture of all will help you overcome those first few months of uncertainty in your new business. 

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Internet Business - Millionaire Mentors

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This article was published on 2010/04/02