Internet Mentor, What Makes a Good Internet Mentor?

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Internet Mentor can be summarized as many things, the definition this article relates to is the training of building an on line business successfully. It is my intention to give as much information possible to distinguish between a true mentor and one that is not.

Learning new skills can be a challenging time, particularly when joining a new business venture. Many times people are lead into the false security of "how much money someone is making". This doesn't mean that you will make a penny/cent under these so called mentors.

It's an unfortunate factor but a real one, that, so many people fail under these set of circumstances, and realize a little to late down the line. So what should you look for in an Internet Mentor?


First off, before joining, you should first see if the Mentor is accessible, what this means is can you get hold of that person when you need to. While you are learning new skills it's highly important that you are able to speak to someone, when you need to the most.


Another important factor to all this when your researching your chosen opportunity, is, can the person you are looking to join under communicate effectively, don't forget the term mentor according to the dictionary means teacher, this person has to be able to communicate on different levels in order to teach different people at different levels of understanding.


Of course the most important factor of all is knowledge. How can someone teach you if they don't have the necessary knowledge to pass on to the pupils. This should be in the area of what it is you are looking to learn. It's not un-common that many people looking to start an on line business don't have very basic computer skills, and as this is a primary tool for our industry your Internet Mentorshould possess such skills as well as the correct skills that need to be applied to the industry in general.


A good Internet Mentor should have weekly training in place and a dedicated training site that can be accessed at all times. As with most area's of teaching, it's important to learn in a class style environment, this is a prov en technique across the globe, as many people learn better being a part of a group. There should also be a blue print to follow, one that is prov en over time. People who are successful only became successful through either trial and error or by following a prov en track to build upon. These key principles apply to everything in the world, any thing that requires a method to achieve the correct results has to have a structured blue print to follow.

To conclude, providing a solid foundation for everyone to learn from makes someone a good Internet Mentor. Being a teacher is about providing good sound information to pupils so that they are able to learn from the knowledge and more importantly apply that knowledge so that they also become successful.

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Internet Mentor, What Makes a Good Internet Mentor?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31