Supercharge Your Coaching Business With a Mentor

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If I told you there was a way to speed up your success, avoid mistakes, save you time learning things you don't know, and get support from someone who has already gone through what you are about to do. Would you be interested? Yes, I agree that this question should be a no brainer yet most coaches don't have a mentor.

Speed Up Your Success
When I wanted to learn to play piano, I went to a piano teacher because she knew more than I knew and could share her knowledge and experience with me. When I wanted to learn to cook better and make new dishes, I took cooking lessons from a master chef because I wanted learn new and better ways to cook.

I just don't understand why I have to convince coaches that they should hire a mentor if they want to learn and improve their coaching business. Imagine how much faster you could get your business up and profitable if you could benefit from the instruction of a person who has already succeeded at creating a successful and profitable coaching business.

Avoid Mistakes
I cannot tell you how many large and small mistakes I made when in the first year of my coaching business. It would be nicer if new businesses came with instruction manuals and a dummies book but they don't. I had to make most of the mistakes myself until I decided that there was some stuff I just needed help with and I hire a mentor.

My mentor helped me learn things I did not even know that I did not know and she helped me avoid many mistakes that would have cost me a ton of time and money. The mistakes she helped me avoid and the time she saved me more than paid for the fee she charged.

Learn Things You Do Not Know
This is the area that I saw the greatest return on my investment in a mentor. My mentor helped me learn things that I did not know I needed to know. She saved me countless hours of doing things the hard way or not doing things that I should do because she had the experience to help me develop tactics and a strategy for my business. It is hard to get where you are going without direction.

Support along the Way to Success
There are going to be challenges, difficulties, and hard times in any new venture whether it is business or personal. A mentor is there to support you and guide you through those times with support and encouragement. I had challenges that at times seemed too big to overcome and I became discouraged and needed my mentor to tell me that what I was experiencing was just part of the process and it was all perfectly normal and that others had the same experiences.

My mentor was there to cheer me on as I had successes and was there to prop me up when I experienced real or imaginary disappointment. Success is much sweeter when you have someone to celebrate with you because they know exactly how you feel.

A good mentor is one investment that I know is a good value and offers a great return on the investment. I also suggest that you take courses and classes from many different mentors to supplement what you learn from your primary mentor.

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Supercharge Your Coaching Business With a Mentor

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This article was published on 2010/04/03